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SkeinCurrency Platform Developer Documentation
SkeinCurrency is preparing to become a digital stock of the MosaicChain project support company. MosaicChain is a project for the digital transformation of social relations based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence under the jurisdiction of a modern UN member state.



1. Choice of jurisdiction

Choosing a state within the bounds of which a digital jurisdiction to be created. In order not to additionally seek international recognition, it is recommended that a UN member state be chosen. It is also necessary to adhere to the following criteria: a small territory and/or population; lack of negative reputational references on the international arena; observance of human rights; and complete or relative democracy. Withdrawn from the list should be those countries which are stated to be offshore countries by the European Union and which are considered to be highly risky according to FATF classification.
A letter describing the project should be sent out and a meeting should be appointed.
According to research done a number of countries are claimed to be priority states, among them being as follows: Cabo Verde, Costa Rica, the Marshall Islands, Tonga, the Federal States of Micronesia, Nauru, Kiribati, Sao Tome and Principe, Iceland, Suriname, Guyana. and East Tumor.

2. Concluding an agreement

Upon achieving consensus, an agreement among a national government, investors and founders will be signed entailing the launch of the project.

3. Issuance of token shares

Initially, a basic supraplatform will be created and personal token shares will be issued. Part of the token shares will be distributed among investors, founders and nationals as is envisaged by a Ricardian smart-contract; another part of the token shares will be put up for public sale at a low cost to encourage the arrival of digital citizens.

4. Development of the business platform

Creation of the business platform will make it possible for MosaicChain to gain profits, therefore the said creation is categorized as a primary task. Fulfillment of this very point and the point above will not require national budgetary means, with all related expenses to be borne by investors and founders.

5. Launch of priority projects on the business platform

Priority projects on the business platform will be those of investors and founders as well as national projects. This will allow for increasing the business platform profits, testing its operation, demonstrating its potential to would-be users, and creating a truly digital environment for entrepreneurship, capable of solving a wide range of tasks.

6. Marketing campaign

As at first the majority of personal token shares will belong to the Promotion Fund, immediately after a project launch there will be a possibility to unroll a wide marketing campaign during which as many effective promotional tools as possible may be used, such as SMM, SEO, contextual advertising, placement of analytical articles in large publications, translation of MosaicChain’s digital resources into foreign languages, informing foreign citizens through embassies, to mention just a few.

7. Development of other platforms

As soon as MosaicChain starts to generate considerable profits, those funds that have been allocated for the system maintenance and development will be used for designing other (non-economic) instruments – political, social, cultural, educational, and ecological.



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